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Fairy Tree Socks

Fairy Tree Socks

I was inspired to design these socks after hearing of the Hawthorn trees in Ireland. Also known as the Whitethorn, it’s a very common native tree, but it is steeped in legend and folklore. They are sometimes called fairy trees and according to tradition it is very bad luck to cut one down or to disrespect a Hawthorn in any way. I loved imagining these knarly branched trees covered in their bright May blooms, commanding silent respect from passersby and locals even today.

There are three sizes available that I’ve deemed Sm, Med, and Lrg. These sizes are written for 56 sts, 64 sts, and 72 sts.

The pattern is shown with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel which cannot be included in the pattern due to copyright infringement. There is a link provided, but if you would prefer to knit a different heel, please feel free!

These socks were originally knit toe-up, but the pattern can be easily applied to a cuff-down sock!

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